New collection CIRCLES

A word from the designer

Gaining height, heading upwards and climbing the peaks to finally reach the top and enjoy the freedom of contemplating the scene in silence as if time stood still.
This is the inspiration behind the Dilem Circle model.
The key design idea here is the raised edging around the lens.
In matching tones to make it barely visible, it adds an elegant and subtle layer of extra thickness, giving the model more volume.
And when decorated in a contrasting finish (gloss on matt), it brings a hint of light to an understated and modern frame.
Eye-catching temples also contribute to the overall feel:
through their shape, decoration and colourful combinations, they align perfectly with this desire for height and ascent. But they also mark a break, or transition, between the dynamic and the peaceful.
With a final symbolic nod to this inspiration,
some models sport an energetic two-colour scheme on the temples or upper edge of the front, evoking the brilliant light of sunsets when seen from the highest peaks.
Dilem Circle: a slim, light and striking frame in original colours!

By Ben, designer – trekker