New collection 3U

A word from the designer



Everything’s going too fast these days!
I’ve always been someone who hopes that one day this never-ending spiral will slow down and we’ll finally take time to recharge our batteries...

So in the middle of this daily life lived at a hundred miles an hour, I sometimes press pause.
I grab myself a bit of quiet time, a calming break... so that I can then approach life with a new perspective and bring even more creativity to my work!

This observation was the inspiration behind Dilem 3U, a new metal model for women.

The key concept: the importance of taking breaks! Popping with colour and light, they can be found in the form of acetate inserts around the sides of the rimmed fronts.
On the Show and Studio models, enjoy admiring them up close and appreciate their incredible diversity.
But don’t look for similarities as they’re all unique:
composed of different, harmoniously coloured fragments that seem to float in the void, creating a fascinating blend of solidity and transparency.
On the solid coloured and translucent LIVE! models, they gently catch and reflect the light.

But this striking feature also knows how to discreetly fade into the background, giving our eyes the freedom they need to observe the world and reveal themselves.

The SHOW model offers an additional intriguing touch, with opaque metal appearing unexpectedly on the rims of the frame, like a square peg in a round hole. And in this sense it symbolises an important necessity: to expand and modify our current view of the world.

With its opposing solidity/emptiness, opaqueness/transparency and combinations of shapes, 3U invites you to enjoy a magical break and a reworked vision of the world.




Christèle, Designer between breaks.