New collection 3T

A word from the designer



I’ve always been very aware of detail.
A shirt button, a jean pocket, a shoelace...
I like it when detailing lights up an understated and elegant look with a striking or colourful touch.

It’s this awareness that inspired me to create the Dilem 3T model.

The concept?
A construction in several dimensions where each layer adds a contrasting or subtle touch.
• Firstly, the metal: slim, minimalist, prestigious and contemporary.
Pleasingly modern in feel, but it also needs a dynamic lift...
• …Through plain or fragmented acetate: framing the metal and sitting beyond it, it adds contrast, transparency and a striking and colourful touch. A slim browbar style on the Studio and Live models, or more assertively present on the SHOW model.
Also note its replication on the endtips (which vary in length).
• And lastly, metal makes a final return appearance, creating a slim, light-catching and colourful halo on certain models.

The result is a contemporary frame with a stunning structure and satisfying subtlety.




Ben, Designer – Revealer of hidden fronts