New collection 3N

A word from the designer


Like this model, I'm full of paradoxes, and why not?
What excites me?
Simple but unusual pleasures;
minimalist objects that don't go unnoticed.
Authenticity... that's trendy, fun... that's sophisticated!

With its discreet colours and soft curves, 3N might at first glance look subtle and restrained.
But behind the apparent minimalism of this model, characterful metal and geometric shapes hide a totally innovative look!
A feeling emphasised by a deliberate mix of shapes, finishes and materials.
On the SHOW model, matt black metal and mirrored sunlenses contrast with long opaque yellow endtips, or how to wake us all up with a modern pop of bright colour.
The Studio range comes with Z1P and Z1S temples, an intoxicating mix of geometry and straight lines.
The LIVE! models in plastic or metal play with light and shadow and reveal repetitive almost psychedelic decorative designs.

Discreetly pure and originally crafted, 3N is all about contradictions and the buzz it's sure to create!


Ghislain, paradoxical designer… and why not?