New collection 3M

A word from the designer


For this 3M Dilem model, focus on the essentials ... 
We all need it right now, don't we? 

So comfort, of course.  
The pleasure of simple things too. 
But above all, a furious desire to live life to the full!
Discretion, yes, but not boring, if you please!

And what’s the result for the finished frame? 

Ergonomic and comfortable frames, of course! 
Minimalist in construction, slightly provocative shapes, and fresh, dynamic or intoxicating in colour. 

From SHOW to LIVE to STUDIO, the shapes are becoming less pronounced and the colours, partially or 100% translucent, more and more vibrant!  

For the temples, there is variety: 
brushed vintage, coloured translucent edge, fluorescent or glossy metal. 
Please note that for certain models: the Z3B temple in Rilsan, can easily be adjusted! 

With 3M, what I really wanted to offer you: 
a pure combination of simplicity, character and vitality! 


By Benoît, designer ... with vitamins