New collection 3L

A word from the designer


Take life lightly! 
A breath of fresh air that dictates the codes of this Dilem model. 

For the design as well as for the choice of materials, my watchword is: s.le.ek! 

Pure ... worked, for a modern ensemble, between elegance and singularity.

For the 3L SHOW model, a surprising combination of translucency and character.
The boldness lies in the choice of this light, full mask effect, thanks to its pink crystal.
The temples show a delicate originality: 
through a transparent sheath, the slim metal core appears!

Contemporary shapes and rich materials for the 3L STUDIO models.
Slim, tortoiseshell or graduated metal fronts and temples are combined. 
It deviates from the rule without questioning it: 
the metal endpiece, an opaque satin detail in this fresh and airy ensemble.

The LIVE models are colourful and combine translucent solid coloured sides with brightly coloured wire temples.

3L, or how to combine transparency of materials, finesse, lightness and originality!


By Christèle, designer ... don't run out of air!