New collection 3K

A word from the designer


From urban architecture to street dance,
from rap to hip hop,
it's definitely all about the city in this DILEM men's model 3K. 

And why might that be? 
Undoubtedly exacerbated by the current situation,
and a desire for travel, interaction,
city tourism, concerts, busy streets... 
And quite simply, 
because urban culture and architecture are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for today's designers. 
Devoting a model to these themes was therefore an obvious choice. 

Frames inspired by certain architectural and urban development trends: 
precise lines, angular shapes and perfect symmetry.
The emphasis is on verticality, repetition and open spaces,
as seen in the openwork or ridged temples.
Matt metal is reminiscent of the industrial style that dictates
the conventions used in many of today's buildings.

And a streetwear vibe is created through
the edging along the top, the use of matt gold or grey/red, grey/orange and navy blue shades, 
and a liberated and comfortable style.

These concepts are boldly present on the Show model, and more discreet 
on the Studio and Live ! versions.


By Christèle, designer and... urban architect ;)