New collection 3J

Le mot du designer


For this project, I had the dual objective of creating a model
that was both super-slim and original.
Because at Dilem®,
lightness clearly doesn't mean simplicity.


So I started with the obvious things first:
thinking about the design of each element (rims, temples, bridge, etc.)
to create a light and elegant feel.

3J features slim metal rims,
and new ultra-slim and delicate metal temples.
On the Show model, they have a streamlined trapezoid shape.
An imperceptible rimlock and translucent coloured endpiece further enhance the sense of purity.

The plain or tortoiseshell acetate endtips elegantly replicate
the colour of the frame.

Mission accomplished: delicate slimness… and originality!

And what's the amazing concept here?
In the Show and Studio versions, the rims are doubled across the depth of the frame.
From the front, you can see a hexagonal or square shape.
But from the side, you discover the secret of offset double rims.
The second hollowed-out rim confirms the shape of the frame by giving it
more power and presence.

A model that hides something truly unusual behind its pleasing delicacy.


By Ben, Designer and … magician!