A word from the designer

Moving forward in life, looking straight ahead, without asking too many questions. Then one day, becoming aware of certain things, and doing a U-turn; completely reviewing your state of mind and how you behave and think... While still being yourself.
This is what happened to me a while ago.
This turnaround inspired me and Volteface was born: a frame of contrasts and breaks in continuity.
On metal fronts, subtle matt/gloss combinations introduce this concept based on gentle opposition (a break that is slanted on the Show model, vertical on the Studio models and horizontal on the Live ! models).
The long endtips feature acetate in all possible forms of expression!  A wonderful diversity of gradient, floral and animal tortoiseshells terminate in translucent single colours to contrast with the coloured temple.
This collection also introduces new ZB style temple shapes in a variety of thicknesses.
Available in a number of different shapes (sizes 50 to 54), dynamic or deep shades and patterns in harmoniously worked contrasts – for a fun and colourful collection!
By Ghis, a designer embracing opposites