Creativity and diversity,
a new way of creating !

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1 model,
3 levels of creativity

The freedom of creativity and diversity...

The Dilem teams have come up with a new way of thinking. Today, each model is designed as a trilogy, and is then produced in 3 levels of creativity.

Illustration with the model 3A.

Level 1


Extravagant, creative and striking,
this concept sets the tone for the rest of the collection, and is then produced in:

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Level 2


A dash of quirkiness to express yourself with originality

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Level 3

LIVE ! models

Fresh and understated frames to fully exploit the possibilities of interchangeable temples.


As lovers of both eyewear and the planet, we're doing everything we can to save it! 

To achieve this goal, we'll need to be incredibly inventive.

Little by little, we're bringing heart into our work.
Here are some examples, and more new projects are always in the pipeline.

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