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3H The trilogy

Flèches oranges pointant vers le bas

A word from the designer

Flèches oranges pointant vers le bas

« With the 3H Dilem collection, I wanted to show that the purest simplicity could also be highly original. How? By working with great precision to create beautifully constructed eyewear with meticulous and occasionally astonishing detail which makes sense and all the difference…

The guiding theme of this collection is the art of metal. Whether overlaid, offset or openwork, it's crafted with great delicacy but also adds relief and character to the model!
/ The unique Show model has khaki metal raised edging around the sides.
The unusual, not to say highly unusual perforated metal visor gives it a retro-futuristic look straight from a scene out of Mad Max!

/ Models of true purity, the 3H Studio versions feature a slim double metal rim with elegant contrasts and an openwork section at the endpiece.
/ The Live ! models are even more streamlined. Here again, it's all about contrast. Metal or XP2 temples are given a translucent or metallic effect.

The 3H Studio and Live ! models (except the semi-rimless version) can be fitted with clip-on sunglasses. A full mask effect for the Studio models, and slim refinement and a double bar for the Live ! ones. The clip-ons come with polarized category 3 lenses.»

Ghislain, designer and… masked man!