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Flèches oranges pointant vers le bas

A word from the designer

Flèches oranges pointant vers le bas

Rock, soul, techno, folk, electro – I love every kind of music. While I have my preferences of course, I like to explore different styles, to listen to them, but most of all, to share them.
So for this reworked rimless model, it's no coincidence that I chose the wave as my key theme.
This is inspired by my love of music, but above all by the desire to make a highly original, delicate and feminine model. Waves vary in their size and intensity which is what makes them so unique and beautiful.

>>> The amazing Show model takes this concept to the max, with three slim, coloured circles rippling out around the lenses. Ingenious lacquered milling creates an illusion of the third line! The circles vary slightly in shape (from round to square) to create an even bigger personality. The model has a new form of openwork temple that plays with perspective, suggesting either a slim edge or a flat coloured surface depending on the angle it's viewed from.
>>> Equally astonishing but slightly more conventional, the Studio models feature a single circle. As if detached from the lens, it also creates a stunning effect with a slightly off-centre shape and in some models contrasting colours (front view / top view). The Studio versions also have a new slim, double-strand temple.
>>> In the Live ! range, the circles disappear, giving way to delicate rimless models and a wide variety of openwork temples. Whether slim, wide or regular, there's something here for every style and every taste!
A general sense of softness is also conveyed through the rounded endpieces and bridges.

Highly original and elegant, 3F could create a real shockwave in rimless models! »

Benoit designer and … music lover !