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Flèches oranges pointant vers le bas

A word from the designer

Flèches oranges pointant vers le bas

« From the top of a mountain, before a landscape, or on a beach, I look straight ahead and I can't help being intrigued as I contemplate it... The line of the horizon – where the distance between sky and earth disappears – is my key concept in this Dilem 3E model.
So you won't be surprised to find that the overriding theme is the horizontal line. What could be more striking than replicating the almost imperceptible line that appears to split the landscape in two?

>>> On the SHOW model, the line of the horizon appears to slip the centre of the lenses in two. The hypnotic pattern (Dilem icon) is then perceptible from the outside but invisible when worn. At the top of the lens, a stencil printing reveals a mirror effect.
>>> Is it a line, or is it flat? It all depends on your point of view: the Show and Studio models have a delicate browbar that hovers over the lenses of this rimless frame. Super-slim from the front, when seen from above it reveals a flat satin-finish surface.  This gives 3E a sports feel and an assertive character.
>>> Show, Studio, or Live ! The three ranges feature temples with linear or openwork decoration (including a new metal Z1L temple which is two-colour in Studio and single-colour in Live !). And all the temples clearly embody the original idea of the model. The result?
A rimless product with strong character!»

Benoit, designer and… skyliner!