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DAC 2014


A love of creativity, graphic design and the discovery of new talent ... these are the key values of Dilem® and OxibisGroup.
So setting up a young designers competition felt like the most natural thing in the world. More than just a contest, we wanted to offer them a professional springboard by giving the 3 winners the chance to see their designs produced and marketed by the brand.

And the winners are ...
- Emie won the Dilem® teams prize with her "contemporary geometry" ZB model.
- Jeiel won the general public prize with his "canvas effect and brushstrokes" ZG model.
- Maud won the opticians prize with her "origami, elegance and freedom" ZC model. 

See the models :

Opti 2015


Chers opticiens et professionnels de l'optique, nous vous attendons à Munich du 09 au 11 janvier 2015.

Dilem TE


Ingenious overlaying of materials, a plastic front and metal browbar, the interplay of opaque and transparent effects, subtle use of dynamic colours and solid-color temples... following the success of its 1F adult model, Dilem® has reworked the concept to offer younger wearers the TE. 

Discover the collection

Dilem 1I


Speaking volumes

Both the 1I fronts and temples have pumped up the volume. In combination, they produce an uncompromising, simple frame with a sporty feel.
The new ZO temples, consisting of two different bands, combine opacity with transparency and vertical or horizontal patterns for an arresting look. 

Discover the collection

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