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Dilem TD (XD)


For its latest XD collection, Dilem® flirts with optical illusions...

In this brightly-coloured universe, discover a whole world of relief, transparency and opacity where, like a trompe l'œil, graphic patterns are displayed and overlaid to infinity.

For all men and women who are artists at heart, whether in vintage or sporting mode, 3D effects are definitely guaranteed! 

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Addict 4


With a generous sprinkling of gold and silver, the fourth Addict collection takes you into a world of sophistication and radiance.

Say farewell to the gloom of winter, make yourself at home in the VIP box and decorate your frames with hip and gleaming patterns.

Addict 4.0 consists of 6 ZC or 6 ZB temples that combine new inks and thin golden and silvery sheets that catch the light and attract the eye.
A brilliant idea for your Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

See the models :

Dilem 1D


Simple, elegant, contemporary

The 1D collection is a perfect mix of design and colour. A modern line with a hint of sportiness, complemented by the richness of exciting colour combinations. Plain or two-tone openwork temples (ZD) for men and two-tone or decorative ZB temples for women.

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Flavio Melchiorre


Dilem®, a space for creativity

Dilem® has entrusted the design of a mini-collection of temples to Flavio Melchiorre, an artist who is not only original... but also hypnotic.

Flavio Melchiorre is an award-winning designer, illustrator and painter. In 2010, the young Italian prodigy won first prize in the "Citroën Creative Awards".

So we jumped at the chance to share this illustrator's style with you. Transform your frames into works of art with this three-temple collection.

Who is Flavio Melchiorre?

Flavio Melchiorre is an Italian artist, award-winning designer, illustrator, painter and founder of Creative Design Studio IDRO51. With more than 10 years' experience in typography, advertising and the fashion industry, he developed his distinctive style which he calls "Hypnotic Art".

He takes his inspiration from his own life experiences, from the people he meets and the places he visits. His work consists of combining freehand drawings with chromatic and iconographic effects, producing unique results.

Flavio is well-known in the world of graphic arts, and has been featured in many different art magazines: Grazia, Art Nouveau Magazine, Beware Magazine, etc.

Why Flavio?

Finding him through his work on the roofs of Citroën DS3s, we were immediately captivated by Flavio's graphics. He stands out through his ability to create optical illusions while having fun with shapes and colours.

His style is a perfect match for our brand image and we could immediately imagine his work on our temples.

The Hypnotic limited edition collection by Flavio Melchiorre consists of three designs created by Flavio for Dilem®. A hypnotic and surrealist world that will surprise and delight fans of the brand!

Flavio Melchiorre has already worked for other major brands such as ADIDAS and OILILY, the German women and children's clothing company.

Other key projects include working with Grove on iPad and iPhone shell cases, with the publishing company Taschen, and Maibaic, an Italian company making customized bicycles.

Dilem® wasn't going to miss the opportunity to collaborate with him, and the result is this unique collector set.


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