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Opti 2015


Chers opticiens et professionnels de l'optique, nous vous attendons à Munich du 09 au 11 janvier 2015.

Dilem TE


Ingenious overlaying of materials, a plastic front and metal browbar, the interplay of opaque and transparent effects, subtle use of dynamic colours and solid-color temples... following the success of its 1F adult model, Dilem® has reworked the concept to offer younger wearers the TE. 

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Dilem 1I


Speaking volumes

Both the 1I fronts and temples have pumped up the volume. In combination, they produce an uncompromising, simple frame with a sporty feel.
The new ZO temples, consisting of two different bands, combine opacity with transparency and vertical or horizontal patterns for an arresting look. 

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Dilem 1H


Charming chevrons

The temples and front of the 1H model echo each other to create two perfectly parallel chevrons. Like outstretched arms, they embrace rimmed and semi-rimless shapes with a feminine bridge-to-hinge line.
The 1H benefits from new ZP temples (ZG compatible) which marry transparency with opacity, and stripes with solids to give volume to colours. 

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