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Dilem 1I


Speaking volumes

Both the 1I fronts and temples have pumped up the volume. In combination, they produce an uncompromising, simple frame with a sporty feel.
The new ZO temples, consisting of two different bands, combine opacity with transparency and vertical or horizontal patterns for an arresting look. 

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Dilem 1H


Charming chevrons

The temples and front of the 1H model echo each other to create two perfectly parallel chevrons. Like outstretched arms, they embrace rimmed and semi-rimless shapes with a feminine bridge-to-hinge line.
The 1H benefits from new ZP temples (ZG compatible) which marry transparency with opacity, and stripes with solids to give volume to colours. 

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Silmo 2014


Chers opticiens et professionnels de l’optique, nous vous attendons sur le SILMO, du 26 au 29 septembre 2014, Hall 6 - Stand F059.

Limited 3.0


Urban art.

Heads up for teens! Transfers, graffiti spray paint and brushes strut their stuff. Get out the colours and paint and free the artist in you.
With Limited 3.0, street art is all the rage. Geometric shapes, soft curves and "Wildstyle" lettering: these 6 XC temples are a perfect expression of the latest "Arty" trend. 

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