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Publication date : 30/06/2011

The creator of the new Dilem XD campaign is an artist from Lyon... Laurent Claveau. Portrait of a man on an unusual mission...

Laurent Claveau is self taught, passionate and is completely devoted to his art:

"From as far back as I can remember, I've always drawn. "

He is not afraid of working on a large scale... his paint canisters and brushes work their wizardry on canvas, fences or walls...

"Painting has become my favourite means of expression. It allows me to hone my cynicism and the ideas which I don't always succeed in conveying as clearly verbally. "

A committed artist, his works show animals or other "manga-style" beasts with humanistic traits.

"I want my animals to show the extent to which humanity has an impact on their habits. I just want to get people talking, make people smile, and think...a bit. "

A dab hand with a brush, an offbeat style... mind-blowing artwork that can sometimes be disturbing... an abrasive sense of humour... this is Laurent Claveau's style.