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Fashion Summer 2011

Fashion Summer 2011
Publication date : 30/06/2011

Summer 2011 Fashion temples are out now, inviting you on a journey of the senses.

Soul, Funky, Groovy and many more... Brighten up your nightlife with these temples and their psychedelic patterns!

Surf the wave with the Salsa temple, explore the world of the great poets in your Slam temples. Indulge in a moment of calm with the Zouk temple and discover the latest hip artists with the Jazzy temples.

The very latest collection of Dilem Fashion temples promises an action-packed summer! 

See the models :
ZC228 - Funky
ZC229 - Soul
ZC230 - Salsa
ZG210 - Slam
ZG211 - Zouk
ZG212 - Jazzy

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