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Dilem XD - TA

Publication date : 01/06/2011

A new collection exclusively designed for teenagers. Available in 4 semi-rimless or rimmed shapes (2 girl's, 1 boy's and 1 unisex model), wide XP2 temples in 4 themes:
- EXCLUSIVE: print and explosive paint patterns for a guaranteed pop-rock effect... For those who aren't afraid to look life in the eye!
Pad-printing on transparent temples.
- PAINTBALL: street art look: graffiti, movement and splashes of paint... Make a clear statement about your identity and how you think!
Pad-printing on transparent temples.
- ELEKTRA: "sketch" patterns and sleek graphics on solid-coloured or transparent temples.
- UNIES: timeless... for fashionistas everywhere.
Solid-coloured temples.

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