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Addict 7


This collection doesn't mince its words!

With ADDICT VII, the brand invites wearers to show their feelings using punchy words and expressions.

From rock to poetry, dreamlike or simply happy, wearers can express themselves without saying a word.

A mix of force... and elegance: from a design point of view the typography (on the outside of the temples) and graphics (on the inside) are laser engraved and use silver metallic ink on a matt black base.

ADDICT uses reworked 90s graphics for a collection full of character

A touch of the audacious for those who prefer to let the eyes express things that the voice might not necessarily say...... 

See the models :

Dilem 2D


The 2D collection by Dilem – the ultimate in chic!
Acetate fronts and ZG temples combine to make this charming frame.
Featuring exquisite shadow or tortoiseshell decoration, XP2 temples replicate the opaline, translucent or solid patterns and colours of the acetate fronts to create a harmonious whole.
An ornamental metal part (brushed gold, brushed palladium or black) follows the line of the front and sits against the temple for looks of distinction. 

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Dilem 2C


The 2C collection is the ultimate in femininity, playing with materials and boldly revealing inner worlds.
Opaque or translucent tortoiseshell or solid acetate is milled out at the bridge and/or along the browbar to unveil inner layers in all their subtlety.
In matching or contrasting tones, this gives the fronts an added dash of pizazz. 

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Dilem 2B


With 2B, Dilem® offers men a resolutely sporty chic product.
A stylish, understated metal front subtly reveals a coloured double topbar effect.
This is even more marked when seen from above, further emphasising the dynamic feel of the frame.
This energy continues onto the temples: the coloured edge replicates the browbar for a streamlined profile.
A discreet look that won't go unnoticed... 

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