The Dilem concept

Designs that are totally on trend, partnership with young designers, use of innovative printing techniques, Dilem® takes very special care over the design of its temples. Because they are genuine fashion accessories, quality accessories that your customers will take pleasure in wearing, and in changing according to their mood. Contemporary models, trendy shapes, slender lines, lightness, combinations of materials, colour expertise: not just a concept of interchangeability, Dilem® is also highly demanding in its frame design. Eyewear designer, personality revealer, Dilem® offers contemporary women and men frames that they put together themselves. Reflecting their style and spirit, they reveal their personality.

A fashion accessory

Dilem products can be customized and always reflect the latest trends. Dilem is style, attitude and a way of life. Dilem is freedom! This unconventional concept makes it possible to change your appearance to suit your mood.


1 frame purchased
2 pairs of temples *

* When purchasing your frame, you can select an extra pair of temples available from a wide selection. See the suggested temples

Dilem XD
The teen frame by Dilem

Dilem XD is the DILEM concept exclusively designed for teenagers! See the range

An extensive offer
that you can test online...

With Dilem, you can customize your frame using our interchangeable temples system. You can now check whether your frame is compatible with the temples you want using our online simulator. Find out about the simulator

How do you change temples ?

Removing a temple

Push until you hear a click and gently pull the temple upwards.

Removing a temple

Inserting a temple

Insert the temple at an angle and then lift it until you hear it click into place.

Inserting a temple

Discover compatible frames and temples

Every frame and temple on the site is marked A B C showing which group they are compatible with.

  • shape ZB
  • shape ZC
  • shape ZD
  • shape ZE
  • shape ZH
  • shape ZI
  • shape ZK
  • shape ZL
  • shape ZM
  • shape ZN
  • shape ZO
  • shape ZR
  • shape ZS
  • shape XA
  • shape XB
  • shape XC
  • shape XE
  • shape ZF
  • shape ZT
  • shape ZU
  • shape XF
  • shape ZG
  • shape ZJ
  • shape ZP

Understanding product references


ZC S 001
2 letters for the temple shape A third letter indicates a temple with a special texture. S for "Soft" and T for "Gum" indicates the colour or decoration. For colours, please see below.

Temple shapes

  • ZB
  • ZC
  • ZD
  • ZE
  • ZF
  • ZG
  • ZH
  • ZI
  • ZJ
  • ZK
  • ZL
  • ZM
  • XC


 001Liquorice  016Khaki
 002Lemonade  017Curaçao
 003Blackcurrant  018Caviar
 004Raspberry  019Pink
 005Tangerine  020Coffee
 006Mint  021Plum
 007Grenadine  022Apricot
 008Lime green  024Peacock blue
 009Coconut  025Orange
 010Bilberry  026Pistachio
 012Mango  030Chestnut


Collection A - W S C 020
Collection 1A - * 1A A 01
  Refers to the collection Refers to a shape within the collection. Product reference addition